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Pet diarrhea costs an estimated $3 billion per year in medical services and products, accounting for as many as 40 million U.S. vet visits annually.

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DoggyStat is effective against common dog and cat diarrhea infections, including parvovirus.

Anubis Bio Corporation is a medical nutrition company with a highly effective solution to diarrhea in dogs and cats. We employ passive immunity, the process by which a mother transfers protective antibodies to her offspring through breastfeeding. Our lead product, DoggyStat, delivers fast-acting immune factors to the GI tract to support rapid symptomatic relief and elimination of the underlying infection.

Easy To Use

Mix with your dogs water or food to get relieve for your dog’s diarrhea woes!

All Natural

No antibiotics nor synthetic molecules. Soothes Your Dog’s Upset Stomach Better Than Probiotics.

Works Quickly

Effective! Works Quickly! Gets your dog back to normal within 24 hours

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