Microbiome therapeutics company launching DoggyStat, all-natural medical food that resolves common dog and cat diarrhea infections.

Microbiome therapeutics company launching DoggyStat, an all-natural medical food that resolves common dog and cat diarrhea infections. A single serving restores normal function and delivers relief overnight.  It’s safe, effective and fast acting. DoggyStat enables pet owners to safely treat pet diarrhea at home instead of visiting a vet.  

Pet Owner’s Dilemma:  Pet diarrhea costs an estimated $3 billion per year in medical services and products, accounting for as many as 40 million U.S. vet visits annually.  Home remedies are only partially effective. Veterinarian treatment can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Owners overwhelming want a safe do-it-yourself solution that works when it’s needed.  

The DoggyStat BreakthroughDoggyStat is a patent pending medical food that transports tailored antibodies to the GI tract.  It delivers rapid symptomatic relief and elimination of underlying infection. Diarrhea symptoms subside within hours; pets return to normal or near normal overnight.  

DoggyStat is effective against common dog and cat diarrhea infections, including deadly parvovirus.  Other than possible egg or milk allergies, DoggyStat has no known side effects or overdose risk.  DoggyStat enables owners to treat pet diarrhea at home whenever required. 

Clinical Trials and FDA Approval:  A recent DoggyStat field trial enrolled ten parvovirus-positive subjects for treatment; within 24 hours, nine (90%) of the subjects were infection and symptom free. DoggyStat is currently undergoing expanded double-blind clinical trials at the University of Florida.  The Company is preparing an FDA application to establish DoggyStat as the canine diarrhea Standard of Care, making it a “must have” treatment for 30,000 U.S. veterinarian clinics.  

Product economics:  DoggyStat retail price is $29.95.  A unit consists of three single dose packets, each containing 5 grams of material, and generates net sales margin of $18.35 (61%).  Wholesale unit price is $14.95 with a net sales margin of $10.11 (68%). DoggyStat employs third-party sourcing, mixing and packaging of egg powder and colostrum.  The product is effective and shelf-stable for two years when properly packaged and stored at room temperature.  

Go to Market:  DoggyStat is available on Amazon and is launching through vet clinics, animal shelters, pet product distributors and other pet related B2B channels.  

Management and Advisors:  Tom Schultz, Anubis Bio CEO, founded several technology-based companies, including IPO, NASDAQ, and 9-figure exits.  He was founding CEO of a company pioneering antibody treatment for human diarrhea. Mr. Schultz holds a B.E.S degree from Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.   The Company has assembled a strong group of directors and advisors to help build the business and recruit an effective management team.